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A Role Play Assessment typically involves the candidate engaging in a one-on-one role play session with an Assessor, or even an actor, which is tailored to the job or position and simulates real life situations in the workplace.  The role assumed will be very similar to the actual job.








A Role Play Assessment allows for the observation of the candidate’s capabilities in diverse competencies that are desirable for the job such as Leadership, Decision Making, Interpersonal Communication, Dealing with Conflict, Evaluation & Analysis, Mentoring & Coaching, Planning & Organising, Customer Focus, Stress Management, Strategic Thinking and Business Acumen.

The primary purpose of the Role Play is to observe the level and type of competencies displayed by the candidate and how well these behaviours correlate to the requirements of the prospective Job Profile they are being considered for. The findings of the Role Play exercise can be predictive of how the candidate will perform in the workplace.

Fortner Consulting will design a Role Play Assessment for your organisation that captures your specific requirements.

Role Play Assessment

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