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A Group Exercise assessment typically includes a practical problem solving exercise or a group discussion. The subject for the exercise can be generic or custom designed to simulate actual work situations. Based on the observations of the Group Exercise, the Assessors will be able to predict the behaviour of the candidates in the actual work place.







A Group Exercise can include a variety of roles which can demonstrate the varied strength of the candidates participating in the exercise. It can also be conducted without any roles assigned to identify the natural capabilities of the individuals and the dynamics of the group. 

The purpose of this exercise is to measure the candidates’ capabilities in areas such as business acumen, effective communication, initiative, analysis and problem solving, decision making, interpersonal skills, working collaboratively, people management, leadership and influence.  To evaluate the group effectively, our Assessors will be strategically located around the room and observe how the individuals work with others and their contributions to achieve the desired result.

Fortner Consulting will work with your organisation to develop the appropriate level of structure and format for the Group Exercise.

Group Exercise Assessment

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