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An In-basket Assessment involves the candidate being given an in-basket/tray full of items such as company memos, emails, telephone messages, reports, correspondence and customer complaints as if the candidate had gone on holiday and just returned back to the office after two weeks.












The candidate has to analyse all the information in the in-basket, set priorities and organise their work to resolve the issues.  The exercise is timed and the candidate is expected to work quickly through items that are of varying degrees of urgency and importance, making a decision on what action is required, as well as drafting responses where necessary.  Their responses can be recorded either by computer or hard copy.


The In-Basket Assessment tests the candidate’s ability to plan and prioritise complex information effectively, analysis and problem solving, decision making, organisational awareness, teamwork, leadership, customer focus, time management, ability to work under pressure, written communication skills , decision making and business acumen.


Fortner Consulting will custom design the In-Basket Assessment at the appropriate level based on the organisation’s requirements.


In-Basket Simulation Assessment

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