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An Assessment Centre is a structured design of a selection of assessment techniques that give insights into the capabilities of candidates for recruitment, development, employee placement and promotion that contribute to maximizing your organizational effectiveness.  It is a combination of different assessment methods used by experienced assessors to gauge aptitude and competency of candidates.

A well designed Assessment Centre will enable the organization to observe or evaluate a candidate in simulated situations that the candidate will encounter in a particular role or work environment. It allows for the objective and systematic evaluation of all potential candidates using the same standardized methods and tools.














Fortner Consulting Approach

We work with the client to custom design the right format of Assessment Centre for the organization and budget. To ensure good evaluation criteria, we will analyze your organization’s Competency Frameworks and/or Job Profile and identify the aptitude and competencies necessary for the position and design the Assessment Centre towards capturing information on the candidate’s capabilities in those areas.

Our Assessment Centre will provide you with information on the candidate’s recruitment and assignment suitability in areas such as business acumen, planning and organising, initiative, problem solving, decisiveness, leadership, judgement, logic and reasoning, communication, teamwork and strategic thinking.

Final Assessment Report
After completing the analysis from the different assessment tools on each candidate, Fortner Consulting will compile an Assessment Report on each candidate summarizing their proficiency in each Competency, identify areas of concern, specify training and development requirements and make a recommendation on possible future assignments or positions for the candidate. 

Assessment Centre