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Assessment Centre

The Presentation Assessment helps us to evaluate the candidate’s ability to articulate themselves clearly and effectively in front of an audience, their logic and analysis on the situation being presented on, decision making, judgment, business acumen, confidence and ability to persuade and justify their position.









The Presentation Assessment incorporates the use of visual aids such as PowerPoint slides and white boards to simulate actual situations in a corporation.  It places the candidate in a scenario similar to the Job Profile they are being assessed against.

Presentation Assessments are an effective method to assess the candidate’s ability to defend and support their argument of thought spontaneously and under pressure.  Questions will be asked of them during or following their presentation where they will need to justify their position and analysis.

The format of the Presentation can be one where the candidate is given a topic either in advance or just before the assessment and then provided with instructions on length of presentation and questions to respond to.    The duration of the presentation is usually around 15-20 minutes with time for questions following the presentation.

Fortner Consulting will work with your organisation to prepare the right format and level of the Presentation Assessment.

Presentation Assessment