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A Behavioural Interview by an experienced Assessor will capture a pattern of behaviour on how the candidate has handled various employment related issues in the past and how they will likely perform in a similar situation in the future. The theory behind Behavioural Interviewing is that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour.












Our Assessors will identify desired aptitude, competencies and behaviour for the position based on the Job Profile and Competency Framework and structure open ended questions that will elicit detailed and focused responses. The responses will be followed up with further probing questions.


The Behavioural Interview will validate delivered results, situational responses and pattern of behaviour.   It is also used to validate the responses achieved in other areas of the Assessment Centre such as Psychometric testing and Group Exercises.


A Behavioural Interview is the most effective method for conducting interviews and this tool can be used to evaluate the candidate for recruitment, development, employee placement and promotion.


Behavioural Interview Assessment

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