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A Case Study assessment typically involves a review and analysis of a set of situational information which is often about a problem related to either a fictional situation or to the employer’s business.


The Case Study can be customised to focus on competencies that are considered highly desirable for the position as identified in the Job Profile or be based on the organization’s Competency Framework. The candidate’s response will provide insight into their capabilities, both strategically and holistically and provide us with a good understanding of the candidate’s business acumen.










With a Case Study Assessment, the candidate will be required to work through the scenario logically and provide a solution within the set time frame in a written report or verbal presentation. This will provide the Assessor with valuable information on the candidate’s competency in analysing information accurately and logically, structuring a problem, decision making process, creative thinking, communication, business acumen, presentation skills, influence and persuasion.


At Fortner Consulting, we can provide your organization with customization of the Case Study to your organization’s business model and industry.  The Case Study Assessment therefore becomes more realistic and answers received more pertinent and valuable.  It also provides a more realistic understanding of how the candidate would perform in the role in a given situation.  This allows the Assessors to gauge the candidate’s abilities in resolving issues that directly relate to the organization and to the job itself.

Case Study Assessment

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