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 A 360 Degree Feedback is an effective and comprehensive method of employee evaluation and appraisal. 360 Degree feedback addresses key weakness that exists in the more traditional performance appraisal methods by including feedback from multiple sources, including Superiors, Peers, Subordinates and Self.











A 360 Degree Feedback, when implemented correctly, will enable the organization to achieve:

  • a positive impact on employee performance

  • empowerment of your employee base

  • provide organizational analysis of your leadership capabilities

  • enable you to develop a strategic training & development plan for your leadership competencies

  • improved teamwork and communication

  • reinforce your organizational values and desired culture

  • better alignment of individual and organizational goals


Fortner Consulting will work with your organization to develop a 360 Degree Feedback questionnaire that reflects your Competency Framework and values and will also provide complete administration of the 360 Degree process.  


We also provide additional services such as individual coaching and counselling for the participants, analysis of the overall organizational and demographic results and make recommendations on ways to improve the organization's Learning & Development initiatives.   


360 Degree Feedback

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