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Strategic planning of the human resources for projects and organizations requires management to identify risk. The stakeholders and clients of your organization expect you to plan for the unexpected to achieve your deliverables and meet business deadlines.











Failure to plan your human resources can result in a single point of failure for any project or organization. Succession planning is required for all companies to ensure the continual and competitive operation of the business and is considered to be one of the key elements to successful retention of employees.


This intensive hands-on two day seminar is focused on providing the practical guidelines for the development of a meaningful Succession Plan Process.  


All contents can be customized to reflect your organization’s objectives.


Course Objectives

  • Build a process to identify key positions in your organisation

  • Identify your organization’s Strategic Job Families

  • Establish and assess your organization’s talent for a Succession Pool

  • Tie your Company’s strategic goals to a working Succession Plan

  • Establish compensation schemes to retain talent

  • Design Developmental and Career Plans for the Succession Pool

  • Establish the guidelines and metrics needed to ensure success for your Succession Plan


Who Should Attend

  • Human Resources professionals

  • Department Heads for all functions

  • Senior Management

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