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A key indicator of successful organisations is the unified focus on the company’s strategic and long-term goals achieved through a sound Performance Management System. 















Fortner Consulting developed this programme to provide your Management with the tools it needs to implement a successful Performance Management System and achieve the organization's strategic long-term goals.


Course Objectives

  • Process of Developing a Sound Performance Management

  • Relaying Vision into Performance Reality

  • Creating a performance management system that acts as a measurement, management and communication system

  • Fundamentals of Balanced Scorecard

  • Establishing your Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Strategy Map

  • Creating solid KPIs that will drive the execution of your organization’s strategy

  • How to cascade KPIs from Corporate Level down to the Individual

  • Tips and techniques on how to monitor KPI achievement

  • Driving a High Performance Culture


Who Should Attend

  • Managers at all functional levels

  • HR Professionals

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