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Learning & Development Programmes

The management of today’s corporations is faced with a myriad of challenges with global expansion and competition, merger/acquisition activity, technological changes and improvements and cultural differences. The bar of performance is raised year after year and the call for superior performance results exceeds previous standards. 


Our organisations need to increase their effectiveness and management productivity to produce the results. To face these challenges and to ensure the competitive future of the organisation, managers must transform themselves into leaders.












Fortner Consulting provides a two day programme of self analysis and group studies to begin your management transformation to leadership. 


Course Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of what Leadership really is

  • Set performance benchmarks for yourself by identifying the Competency Framework needed to be a Leader

  • Learn the various styles of company and people management and when they should be used

  • Optimise your communications with peers and subordinates

  • Gain awareness of the psychological barriers to successful Leadership

  • Understand the uses and abuses of power and politics

  • Develop a personal improvement plan for career development


Who Should Attend

  • Managers

  • Department Heads

  • Senior Management

Leadership Development Training