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Sample Psychometrics

Wave Focus Styles provides measures which efficiently assess individual motives, talents and workplace culture in a single questionnaire.


The short questionnaire is based on the most important facets of the highly valid Saville Consulting Wave Model to create a questionnaire that is both short and a strong indicator of performance and potential at work.


Expert Report

The Expert Report has been designed for use in either selection or development.

It includes a Response Summary, an Executive Summary Profile, Psychometric Profile, a detailed profile across 36 facets, Predicted Culture Fit, and Competency Potential Profile and a Personal Report.



Personal Report

The Personal Report provides summary feedback about your motives, preferences, needs and talents in a number of work relevant areas.

It includes a profile with narrative intended for the respondent.



Types Report

The Types Report is based upon the styles assessment that explores an individual's behavioral tendencies in a number of work relevant areas.

It includes a summary of People Type, Task Type, Leadership Style, Team Interaction, Managing Change and Cultural Synergies.



Line Manager Report
The Line Manager Report is based upon the Saville Consulting Wave Focus Styles assessment, which explores an individual's motives, preferences, needs and talents in critical work areas.
It includes Competency Potential Profile and Predicted Culture Fit intended for use by line managers.





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Required Qualification: B


Wave Focus Styles