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Sample Psychometrics

For a more richly textured picture of type and behavior consider using the MBTI Form Q. The Form Q provides clients with detailed and personalized information on communication, decision-making, dealing with change and conflict.


Profile Report
Presents the results graphically in just four pages, making it a good choice when interpretation time is limited. The  Step I four-letter type is displayed first on this Profile. Next, the results on the 20 Step II facets are graphed. Brief descriptions on the graphs to understand the meaning of Step II facet results.



Interpretive Report
Offers Step I results and describes in detail the four-letter personality type. Next, Step II facet results are displayed graphically. Personalized text explains the result on each of the 20 facets. Step II results are then applied to four important components of executive development: communication, change management, decision making, and conflict management. The report describes the style in these four areas and suggests ways of using that style more effectively.





Format: Web

Approximate time: 00:30

Number of Questions: 144

Required Qualification: B


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Form Q) - MBTI