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Organizational Development Consultants

Organizational Development Services

Fortner Consulting provides Organizational Development solutions that are custom designed to meet specific organizational needs to enable our clients to optimize their Organizational capabilities and achieve their Strategic organizational goals.


Organizational Development is a critical component of any successful organization today faced with disruptive changes like the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on the way we conduct business and deploy our human capital.  We operate in a globalised digital world now with business models and organizations going through rapid and transformational change that requires us to be equally adaptable to maintain our productivity, competitiveness, sustainability and relevance.


Fortner Consulting will align your organizational development strategies and initiatives to your corporate Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy to drive performance in an evolving environment. Fortner Consulting recognizes that each client is unique and our solutions are custom designed to address the organization’s unique position. We evaluate the client’s organizational structure, business model, business life cycle, culture, locale, industry environment and strategic business objectives in developing all our solutions.


We are committed to a collaborative partnership with our clients and creating sustainable in-house capabilities in all our engagements.